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Thank you to the Northern Arizona community for 8 amazing years and hundreds of clients! Unfortunately, FBWC has gone out of business and all accounts are closed.


We made every attempt, through both SM announcements and individual emails, to let everyone know we were closing and to retrieve a copy of their records before the doors closed. If you are looking for health records, you will need to log back into your Mobile Midwife client portal that was in your original welcome email. Everyone who received care at FBWC filled out their client portal and created a password, etc. If you forgot your password, click on the "forgot password" feature in the client portal. If that doesn't work, you can contact their support team at

click here to access client portal

(you will need your login and password)


(Please note, these separate businesses have NO ACCESS to FBWC accounts or records.) 

Lactation Care available with High Country Lactation Care

Homebirth and holistic health available with Aspen Midwifery

Acupuncture and massage available with Wise Medicine Wellness

Chiropractic care available with Flagstaff Family Chiropractic


Check out Flagstaff Birth Collective 

Childbirth eduction classes available with Flagstaff Hypnobirthing 


Doula care available with Flagstaff Doulas


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