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Pregnancy Confirmation

Visit and Tour

Pregnancy Confirmation Visit or Consultation

Birth Center


For clients up to 12 weeks pregnant or are farther along and have not yet received any care from another pregnancy provider, we offer a pregnancy confirmation visit and tour of the birth center. At that visit we do a pregnancy test, answer your questions, discuss your health history, review our clinic procedures, recommend supplements, discuss nutrition and exercise, review genetic screening options and order an early ultrasound if indicated or desired. 


Before or after the visit with a midwife, we will give you a tour of the facility and a packet of information about birthing with the midwives at FBWC.  

If you have insurance, this visit is covered (subject to co-insurance, copays and deductibles). If you are cash-pay, this visit costs $50 payable at the time of the visit but will go towards the final payment if you choose to receive your care at FBWC.

Please call us at 928-556-0000 to make an appointment for a pregnancy confirmation visit. 


For clients who are transferring care from another provider, we offer a free, private consultation with a midwife to discuss your situation and take a tour of the facility. We welcome clients who have a normal, low-risk pregnancy to transfer in to our care and we would be happy to discuss the details. A tour is also provided at this time. For those that live out of the area, we can offer a phone consultation with a midwife to see if FBWC is the right place for you!


Please call the office at 928-556-0000 to make an appointment for a consultation.  

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