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Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center is committed to reducing waste and being eco-friendly.  To that end, we have adopted the following practices:


  • Use reusable products when possible, such as washable chux pads and sheets

  • Only use plastics without BPA or other toxins for daily use when possible

  • Use 100% recycled and organic products wherever possible

  • Use of organic foods and teas in the office

  • Using electronic medical records instead of paper charts

  • Implementing the use of viewable handouts online or via email instead of paper handouts

  • Online faxing instead of paper faxing

  • The use of low-VOC paints and organic/natural cleaning products

  • Buying used items for birth center use whenever possible and if medically appropriate

  • Be mindful of our utility use with energy efficient appliances.  Clinic and birth room faucets are automatic and keep water usage to a minimum.

  • Recycling program used weekly





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