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Labor & Delivery

The Birth Center offers a safe, home-like environment that is welcoming to you and your family. This is an intimate, personal event and you may choose to labor with friends and family or with one or two support people.  We easily incorporate fathers, partners and children in the birthing process.


The birthing team consists of at least one midwife and one RN birth assistant and provides continuous labor support once active labor is established.  During your labor you are encouraged to move or employ any forms of relaxation that allow you to cope with your labor. You may walk, sit, lie in bed or relax in water. We will encourage you to maintain your strength with eating small meals and drinking fluids throughout labor. We will unobtrusively monitor your labor with a minimum of vaginal examinations.


Warm water is helpful during labor for relaxation, which can lower stress and allow the laboring woman’s body to function efficiently.  Water birth is also available where the baby is born into the warm water environment, which can be soothing for the baby and family.     


After the birth it is our intention to allow you ample time to bond with your baby and be together as a new family.  Both client and baby are never separated and are both monitored together. Skin to skin contact is immediate and encouraged with parents after birth. Breastfeeding is a primary focus for the entire team and help or suggestions are given to ensure success.


Immediate postpartum care is addressed at the birth center until client and baby are stable and settled, a newborn exam has been done, breastfeeding is initiated and all of your questions and concerns are cared for.

We work closely with our Contracted Consulting Obstetrics Team at North Country Healthcare

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