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Midwifery Care

What is a midwife?

Just as they have throughout history, midwives attend childbirth and support women/pregnant people throughout their labor and delivery.  Today, midwives provide prenatal care for clients with normal pregnancies, attend childbirth and care for clients immediately following the birth of their babies. Advanced practice midwives are also trained to provide annual well-visits care and screenings. The midwives at Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center have advanced degrees in their field, have both hospital and out of hospital experience and are licensed and certified.


What is a birth center?

From the American Association of Birth Centers: “A home-like facility existing within the health care system with a program of care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth.  Birth Centers provide family-centered care for healthy clients before, during and after normal pregnancy, labor and birth.”


A birth center is an alternative to a hospital setting for clients who have normal pregnancies. Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center is a warm, comfortable, home-like setting that is equipped to care for clients during normal childbirth. We are also less than a mile away from Flagstaff Medical Center. FBWC is a fully dedicated facility that is licensed and nationally accredited as a birth facility.  


FBWC features a kitchen, family room and play area for your children (who are always welcome, whenever you visit). The birthing rooms are like bedrooms with queen sized beds, a personal, private space for you and your family and medical grade tubs. At no time are you separated from your baby.


For your safety during labor, delivery and after your baby is born, our accredited facility is equipped to initiate care for common emergencies.  If it becomes necessary to transfer care to our consulting physicians or to transfer to Flagstaff Medical Center, our staff will continue to provide adjunctive care and support throughout your pregnancy and labor.  Care for newborns requiring hospitalization is provided by the Special Care Nursery at Flagstaff Medical Center.


A recent study looking at 79 accredited birth centers and over 15,000 women demonstrated the safety of midwifery-led, birth center care with low-intervention rates and high client satisfaction.  The cesarean birth rate at birth centers was only 6% whereas the national rate is 32.8%. (J Midwifery Womens Health 2013;58:3-14)

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