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Postpartum Care

Continuity is one of the hallmarks of midwifery care. The postpartum care offered by our staff allows for questions to be answered as well as providing breastfeeding assistance and support during the physical and emotional transitions of new parenthood. The typical stay after birthing at the birth center is 4-6 hours and most parents are eager to get home and settle in with their new baby. Once the client and baby are stable and ready to go home, we will give specific instructions for care during the first 24-48 hours and send you and your new family member on your way. If you live within a 60-mile radius, a home visit is done at 24-48 hours after the birth with either a midwife or RN. Otherwise, we ask that you secure a hotel room after your birth and we will do a "home visit" there.  


All the other follow up postpartum visits will be at the birth center and are at approximately at 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks postpartum ensuring continuity of care. More visits or phone consultations are available as needed. At the 6-week visit, we discuss family planning and make sure the process of transition is normal. Resources for continued care are always shared and you will always be welcome to call or email the staff for help or information.

Lactation/Breastfeeding assistance is provided in-house for those that need or desire it with our Lactation Consultant

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