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Safety & Accreditation

FBWC is the ONLY accredited birth center in Northern AZ 

The midwives that provide care at Flagstaff Birth Center have advanced degrees in their field and are licensed and certified by their respective professional organizations.  The birth center facility is licensed by the Arizona Department of Licensing.  Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center requires that all midwives, RN’s and students hold current CPR and neonatal resuscitation provider (NRP) cards.  Emergency equipment and medications are available for the client and baby at all times.


When it becomes necessary, consultation with an obstetrician, family physician or pediatrician, along with transport to Flagstaff Medical Center is provided for our clients.


Birth Center Membership and Accreditation:


Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center is a current member of the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) and is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC). In order to achieve accreditation, the birth center and their staff are comprehensively evaluated against national standards of quality care.  It is an indicator to families, insurance companies and other healthcare providers that the center has been reviewed by outside evaluators and found to provide consistent, high-quality care.  To find out more about birth center accreditation, please visit:


Verify accredited birth centers here:


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