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Why Choose FBWC?

*Advanced Practice Midwives: This means that your provider has gone through extensive education including either a master or doctoral degree in midwifery.  All midwives at FBWC were trained and worked in the hospital setting as well as out of hospital settings, which allows for a deeper understanding of birth as well as how to handle emergencies.


*Accreditation and licensure: FBWC is an accredited birthing center, which means we have been evaluated on a regular basis to ensure safety and to uphold standards of care. Accreditation is considered the hallmark of excellence for birth centers so we encourage only giving birth at an accredited facility. See more about accreditation here.


*Insurance Coverage, including AHCCCS: Being that we are advanced practice midwives working in an accredited birth center, our services are considered medically appropriate for the purposes of in-network coverage by most insurance companies. 


*Increased access to emergency medications and procedures: The advanced scope of the midwives at FBWC provides access to more medications (regular prescriptions or emergent medications) and we are considered the primary care providers throughout the entire pregnancy and postpartum, including for a UTI, thyroid disorders, depression or sinus infection, etc.    


*Holistic, Integrative Approach to Care: We are committed to providing all types of care including prescription medications, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and diet/nutrition education for a more holistic approach to care.


*Personalized care with advanced training: Our visits are 30-60 minutes long giving us plenty of time to answer questions, provide support and establish a relationship with our clients.


*Collaboration with FMC and other providers: Being a part of the medical community affords us excellent relationships with the hospital as well as other medical providers in Northern Arizona. We are the only community midwifery and birth center practice in Northern Arizona with a contracted relationship with our physicians, allowing for a more collaborative association. 


*RN’s as Birth Assistants: We use highly skilled RN’s as our birth assistants.


*Lactation Services:  All the midwives have extensive training in breastfeeding and Maya Radoccia-Kennen, IBCLC is a board certified lactation consultant.  We offer regular breastfeeding circles and now have High Country Lactation Center providing comprehensive breastfeeding services, including a milk bank, to the families of Northern Arizona.


*Classes for the Community: This is a health center for all those who are female-identified in our community.  We believe that families deserve access to our facility and programs no matter their choice in birth location.


*Continuity of Care During and After Your Pregnancy: Being advanced practice midwives, we can continue to see you after your birth for all your well-woman needs throughout your lifetime. 

Thank you for considering FBWC for your care!

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